Our Bike Ed Posters

This term we have been learning about Bike Safety! We have learnt so many things!
Some of the things we have learnt about are:
– You have to wear bright clothes! (Caitlyn)
– You have to have a special sticker on your helmet with the AS2063 approval code! (Ella)
– Always wear your helmet! (Shaianne)
– You always wear bright clothes and protective shoes! (Kath)
– You must always have your BIKE BRAIN on! (Sophie)
– You always need to be safe on bikes! (Michael)
– You always need to be careful and wear a helmet! (Tilly)
– Scan for vehicles, animals, pedestrians and other cyclists! (Aimee)
– Remember to wear a hlemet on a bike! (Skye)
– Remember to put your hand out at a round a bout so vehicles know what way you are turning! (Christopher)


on “Our Bike Ed Posters
8 Comments on “Our Bike Ed Posters
  1. To Ella, your bike ed poster is really good! You put a lot of effort into it and you worked really hard all the time on your bike Ed poster!!!
    From Kath

  2. Hi Grade 3/4,
    I’m glad you enjoyed making the posters about Bike Ed! They look fantastic hanging in the hallway near the music room! I hope you have learnt some great safety tips when you are riding bikes! Well done everyone!
    From Miss Stapleton

  3. Hi Mrs McKay,
    Oh wow I remember doing Bike ED and all of that sort of stuff! It is good to look back on the older years, on our blog!!!!! 3/4 was a really, really fun year! (One of the best years that I have ever had!)
    From Zoe

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