Our very first Blogging Challenge!

During ICT today, we worked together on our VERY FIRST blogging challenge! We visited 2 blogs which were very interesting! The blogs we visited were Year 9s from USA and Year 8s from Russia. We left posts on their blogs and are looking forward to getting a reply from them, hopefully answering our questions!

We also updated our “About” page  on our blog so make sure you have a look at that!


on “Our very first Blogging Challenge!
24 Comments on “Our very first Blogging Challenge!
  1. Hi Grade 3/4,
    The blogging challenge sounds very exciting! So exciting we have decided to join in too! What did you think of the other blogs you have looked at so far? The ones we have looked at are very interesting and quite different to ours. Good luck with the challenge!
    Grade 5 🙂

  2. Good Morning from Riverdale, Maryland!

    We are so pleased you stopped by our class blog!

    I have been at my school for 10 years and have taught 9th grade the entire time I have been here. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Parkdale. I admire you all! You are young and using digital technology to reach out to students around the world. You are to be commended for your efforts.

  3. This blog is VERY well done. I’m impressed 😀
    Thank you guys for leaving a comment on Ms.Swift’s blog (:
    Keep up the good work ! ^______^

  4. This is a very well-thought blog. Especially for a primary school. Very great that they begin with technology at a primary level. These students will become very advanced at Secondary schools.

  5. Hello, this is Anngie, from America!
    I like your blog, it’s very nice, especially your voki’s.
    Keep it up!

  6. Hello there! Your blog is really cool. I’m very impressed by how technologically advanced you all are. When I was your age, I didn’t know how to use a computer at your age. I really like the cat and horse. Greetings from America!

  7. Hello, my name is Julian from America. I go to Parkdale High School and I looked over your blog and it’s a really good blog. Its a cool blog for an elementary school blog. It’s very creative and interesting.

  8. Hello, my mane is Andrea from Parkdale high school in the U.S.A. Your blog is quite interesting and very educational. Im glad to see elementary schools creating blogs like this. Keep it up!

  9. Hello, this is Ephraim from the United States and I am very impressed with the blog, I like how you guys picked up trash from outside and that there are a variety of Vokis.

  10. I like your blog. The colors used are inviting, and the other miscellaneous things used entertaining, for example the cat. Love It!!

  11. Hi Grade 5,
    We are so glad that you have joined the blogging challenge as well! Some of the other blogs are fantastic! We have received a lot of comments from people from all over the world, it’s exciting! Good luck to you too!
    From Grade 3/4

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