We got our pen licence!

Last Friday some of the Grade 4s got pen licences! We each got a pen with our names on it and a pen licence that looks very similar to a drivers licence! We have been working really hard on our joined handwriting and need to show Miss Stapleton that we can do this consistently! Every Friday we have FuNkY FrIdAY which means we are allowed to write in any colour pen. The Grade 3s can write in any colour pencil! Stay tuned to see who gets their pen licence this week! Make sure you click on the photos below to see who has made a comment!


on “We got our pen licence!
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  1. Hi Tilly,
    I’m glad you are excited about your pen licence! You really deserve it because your handwriting is beautiful – keep it up! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.
    From Miss Stapleton

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