Rules and Laws

During our Humanities lesson today we started to discuss rules.

We had to go out onto the basketball court and play a game called “Play the game, guess my rules.” The class was divided into 2 teams and were given a ball and we had to score by throwing the ball through the goal ring. THESE WERE THE ONLY RULES WE WERE GIVEN BY MRS MCKAY!! When a student broke a rule, they were immediately out! Some of us enjoyed playing this game because it was fun playing on “the edge” and others did not as they like to know what they have to do!

When we came back into class we had a brainstorm about what we thought the rules of the game were and discussed the importance of having rules in our lives. After that, we completed a fun activity using consequence trees. We spoke about these important words as well: FAIRNESS, EQUALITY, PARTICIPATION

Can you think of a reason why it is so important to have rules in our community? Do you have rules and consequesnces at your house or when you play sport?  


on “Rules and Laws
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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the game, it was certainly very different to a normal game!
    From Mrs McKay

  2. Hi Jemma,
    I’m glad you enjoyed that game!
    I actually found it on the Internet, it was fun!
    We will have to play it again!
    I hope you had a nice long weekend!
    From Mrs McKay

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