ANZAC Day Ceremony

On Wednesday at 10:45am our school had an ANZAC Day Ceremony. The Grade 6 students led the Ceremony and all spoke so confidently! Jackson & Isabelle also raised the Australian flag and placed a wreath at the bottom of the flag pole to remember all of the people that fought for our country. On ANZAC Day all of our School Leaders represented Napoleons Primary School at the ANZAC Day Service at Buninyong RSL – they did a fantastic job!
What do you know about ANZAC DAY?

Our School Captains Jackson and Isabelle

Jackson and Isabelle raising the flag

Laying the Wreath at the flagpole


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13 Comments on “ANZAC Day Ceremony
  1. Hey Mrs McKay,

    I really enjoyed ANZAC Day. Duffy the Donkey went on by himself when Simpson got killed because Duffy new he had to.

    From Josh

  2. Hi Josh,
    Thanks so much for your comment – great job!!
    ANZAC Day is a great day to remember all of those people who fought for our country. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Simpson and his Donkey (Duffy) are very famous and played such an important part in helping the wounded.
    From Mrs McKay

  3. Hey Mrs Mckay,

    Thanks, it is a great day to remember. I went to the Dawn Sevice in Sturt Street. It was really cold in the morning, still Dad and I went but it was definitely worth it.

    From Josh

  4. Hi Josh,
    The Dawn Service in Sturt Street would have been fantastic – I would love to go one year! I went to the ANZAC Day Service at Buninyong and saw the Grade 6 Leaders lay the wreath.
    Thanks again for commenting Josh,
    From Mrs McKay

  5. Hi Rylan,
    I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was a really nice ceremony that the Grade 6s (including you) ran! I’m glad you read the reminder as well!!
    See you tomorrow and thanks for your comment!
    From Mrs McKay

  6. Hi Daniel and Rachel,
    The ANZAC Day Ceremony at school was very nice, you all did a great job leading it! Well done!
    From Mrs McKay

  7. It was a lovely wreath Isabelle, Jackson and you did a lovely job laying it at the bottom of the flag pole! Well done!

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