Mount Clear SC Science Morning!

On Wednesday 24th April Mr Parker and Mr Cornish from Mount Clear Secondary College visited our school for the morning to conduct some awesome science experiments with Grade 4/5/6. We got to use microscopes,  chemicals and lots of other cool stuff.

Do you like doing Science Experiments? What experiment was your favourite and why?


on “Mount Clear SC Science Morning!
4 Comments on “Mount Clear SC Science Morning!
  1. Hi Brandon,
    They are great photos of you!! I’m glad you had a blast, it would be fun if we could do it again! Hope you are having a nice weekend and spoiling Mum today!
    From Mrs McKay

  2. Hi Mrs McKay,
    I liked that morning it was fun, I liked the one with the telescope it was so cool. Did u have a look at them? The looked weird, but it was so cool.
    From Jemma

  3. Hi Jemma,
    It was a really fun morning! The microscope activity was very interesting, I looked at a few of the slides! What ones did you think looked weird?
    From Mrs McKay

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