Cross Country

On Friday 26th April Grade 4/5/6 participated in Cross Country at Scarsdale. We could choose to compete in the Fun Run, the 2km run or the 3km run. Everybody did such a great job and gave 100% which was so pleasing to see! Some of us have made it through to the next round which is very exciting!! Well done to all students who took part in Cross Country!
What did you enjoy about Cross Country?


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  1. Hey,
    Cross country was really fun. That was a great slide show thing. Every one did a great job including your sprint with Miss Lavers at the end.

    From Josh

  2. Hi Josh,
    You (and everyone else) did such a great job at Cross Country! All of your hard work and training paid off! Well done! I’m glad you enjoyed Miss Lavars and I sprinting at the end! Do you think we can make it to the next level?
    From Mrs McKay

  3. Hi Daniel,
    I’m glad you enjoyed Cross Country! You did a fabulous job with your running! I wonder if you will do Cross Country at High School next year?
    From Mrs McKay

  4. Hi,

    I don’t think you and Miss Lavers will get to the next round becasue…

    .You ran like 50 m
    .You did not make it to the finish line.
    .You are not children.
    .There were no 50 m events
    From Josh
    p.s It was pretty funny

  5. Awesome job guys, I really liked the slideshow. Good luck to Jackson, Rhys and Shaianne in the next round.

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