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  1. Hi Lucy,
    Your hands look fantastic! I love walking into the classroom every day to admire them!! Well done Team 5/6!
    From Mrs McKay

  2. Yes thank you Mrs McKay (hope I spelt it right, winky face) for putting my hand on my lucky number. All the others are really cool, thanks for the lesson it was awesome. see you tomorow guys

  3. Hi Brandon,
    What is your lucky number?! The 3D hands look amazing, you are all the best artists!!! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the lesson!
    See you tomorrow.
    From Mrs McKay

  4. All of our hands look great (nice and colourful). Making the hands was really, really fun, and I hope that everyone else enjoyed making them too! I can’t wait to see what we do next in Art?!

  5. Hi Aimee and Zoe,
    The hands look fantastic! It was great to see you all enjoying the Art Lesson! Maybe we could do a similar lesson later on in the year with another object?!
    From Mrs McKay

  6. Hi Grade 5/6,
    Erin, Ben and Isabelle were lucky enough to have their 3D Hands framed and put on display in the hallway just near the Staffroom! How cool! They look fantastic!
    From Mrs McKay

  7. Dear Mrs McKay,
    Those were really fun to make! It’s a
    shame that we couldn’t put more than
    3 in the hallway!
    Stay Stooky!

  8. Hi Noah,
    Yeah they were great fun! I’m glad you enjoyed making them! Yours looked fantastic!
    Maybe we can put some more of our artwork in the hallway! What do you think?
    From Mrs McKay

  9. Dear 5/6,
    Oh the indignity. They look so real, wait they’re fake! Oh the indignity, silly me. From Gordon the big engine

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