Crew 32 Rock Stars!

Grade 5/6 AKA Crew 32 all turned into Rock Stars earlier this year! We hope you enjoy looking at our photos – we had a lot of fun posing for them!

They are on display (with a Rock Star Profile that we wrote about ourselves) in our classroom if you’d like to come in for a look!



SAM_2916 Josh!


on “Crew 32 Rock Stars!
8 Comments on “Crew 32 Rock Stars!
  1. Dear Mrs McKay,
    Did you just put Josh and Jemma’s pictures up, or is my computer not showing up the other pictures?
    From Caitlyn.H.

  2. Hi there everyone,

    Hey Jem and Josh, nice look. Shame u can’t dress like that every day.
    -Allison (Jemma’s Mum)

  3. Hi Caitlyn,
    At this stage, I have only put Josh and Jemma’s photos on. Maybe you could help me to put some more up – including you!!

    From Mrs McKay

  4. Dear 5/6,
    I think you ALL had an awesome photo shoot!
    Mrs McKay will have to put up our photo bomber of Caitlyn V. Do you guys agree?
    By the way Josh, I’m LOVING the new look!

    from Ella.

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