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  1. Dear Mrs McKay,
    Over the long weekend I’ve gone to the Antique Fair with Dad, and tomorrow we are going up to Halls Gap.
    I’m also typing a long story about a girl named Holly who lives on a farm.
    From Caitlyn.H.

  2. Hi Caitlyn,
    Sounds like you had a lovely long weekend! How was Halls Gap?
    I can’t wait to read your story! I love reading your writing!
    I went to Melbourne for the long weekend, it was very busy!
    From Mrs McKay

  3. Dear Mrs McKay,
    On my long weekend I went to Ocean Grove to my Caravan Park. It was lovely weather down there.
    From Zoe

  4. Hi Zoe,
    That sounds very nice! I bet it was beautiful weather! What did you get up to at Ocean Grove?
    From Mrs McKay

  5. I’ve been to stay at my nanas house, saw The LEGO Movie, and went to see Muppets: Most Wanted. I HAVE to say…LEGO Movie was the best movie I’ve ever seen!!!!
    Who else has seen it?

  6. G’day Noah,
    It sounds like you have been very busy! Lucky you!
    I think a few people in 5/6 saw the Lego Movie! I’ll tell them to write to you on here so you can discuss it together!
    – Mrs McKay

  7. I saw the LEGO Movie again the other day! Can someone reply and tell me what they thought of it?
    Stay Stooky guys!

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