Estimating and Rounding numbers!

Today in Maths, we started to look at estimating and rounding numbers.

Here are some fun games that can help you to improve your estimating and rounding skills! Have fun!

Rounding and Estimating

Rounding and estimating games

Some more Rounding & Estimating games

Rounding Numbers Bingo fun!

Click here to watch a video that we watched in class to explain why people round and estimate in their normal daily routines! There are some quizzes on here  to complete as well!



on “Estimating and Rounding numbers!
8 Comments on “Estimating and Rounding numbers!
  1. Dear Mrs McKay,
    I like Rounding numbers in maths because it is really, really easy!
    From Zoe
    Round to the nearest ten!

    Round to the nearest hundred!

  2. Hello Zoe,
    You are doing a great job with your rounding and estimating skills! You should be very proud of yourself – keep up the great work!
    From Mrs McKay

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