on “Reminder for Week 1 of Term 2!
7 Comments on “Reminder for Week 1 of Term 2!
  1. I will come to you school the day after the walkathon! (Free day)
    Look forward to seeing you all!
    Later guys!

  2. Hi Mrs McKay,
    Has Lexi shown you my three new videos yet?
    Someone (maniacal laugh) will be coming with me to the school!
    Stay Stooky!

  3. Hi Noah,
    She gave it to me yesterday but I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet! Can’t wait though!
    From Mrs McKay

  4. Have I told you I’m into puppeteering? If not you will see a well known character in 2 of my videos. I will bring him with me to the walkathon.

  5. Hi Noah,
    No you haven’t! Sounds very interesting – fantastic! Can’t wait to see your puppet!
    From Mrs McKay 🙂

  6. Hi Noah,
    It was great to see you. You are so tall.
    Love what you are doing with your computer, also loved your puppet. You made it look real.
    Mrs Page.

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