A visit from Noah and Elmo!

Noah and Elmo!

Noah and Elmo!

We had a visit from Noah (2013 Grade 6 student) and Elmo last term! It is always great to see Napoleons Primary School students coming back to say hello! Noah and Elmo made some fantastic videos to show our class as well – they were amazing! We can’t wait to see what your next video has in store for us Noah, Elmo and Kermit!



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  1. I have a few more videos, but none with Kermit yet (I think).
    I may be able to visit with Kermit on August 18th! See you then!

  2. Hi Noah,
    We would love for you and Kermit to pay us a visit! Looking forward to it!
    Talk soon, Mrs McKay 🙂

  3. Yes I do Zoe I helped all you guys put them on! Do you remember how? I’ll probably have to show you again! I have the napoleons primary school app btw, and it has today’s star of the week already! I better not tell you who it is yet, you better wait. Anyway, back to doing homework. See you all on Monday!

  4. Oh. I just realised the question. The answer is YES. I will help you with it if that’s what you need.
    ~Noah (and Kermit and Elmo!)

  5. Actually…are you guys doing your portfolios on Monday? If not, it’s up to you guys whether I show you all. See ya, I’m in science class.

  6. Erin…
    Elmo is a puppet with arm rods (sticks) on his hands that you use to control his arms. My Kermit works the same. I am currently making a new puppet with gloves for hands, so he can pick up stuff and play piano etc…
    Mrs McKay I will bring three or four videos to you, depending if I finish one of them. The one I may not bring is the Puppet Saga episode 1, which is like a Star Wars-Muppets crossover. It is pretty good so far! The other three are I’m Number One (from Muppets Most Wanted), Elmo and I Know It (a fan-made parody) and Muskrat Love, which is a short video I thought would be funny for someone to do with puppets live at the end of year presentation night, but it’s all up to you.
    It was great to come see you last night, and see you on…Monday!
    ~The Noah guy

  7. Hi Noah,
    I cannot wait to see some more of your awesome videos tomorrow!
    Hope you’ve had a nice weekend!
    Mrs McKay

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