Learning about Alliterations!

We recently learnt about Alliterations and why people use them in their writing! 

We watched a video to give us examples of some Alliterations.

After that, we got to make some of our own Alliterations and turned them into ‘AlliteRAINBOWS!’ They look fantastic on display in our classroom.

We also made an I Movie using our favourite Alliterations!

 What do you think of our AlliteRAINBOWS?  SAM_4411


Thanks to Noah for making the display poster!

SAM_4413 SAM_4414 SAM_4437


One Comment

on “Learning about Alliterations!
One Comment on “Learning about Alliterations!
  1. Hi everyone (cough cough Jemma)
    I put yours upside-down! And don’t expect you’re to be the…right…way…up…when I get there…heh heh heh…
    ~Sneaky puppeteer

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