Our VOKI Poetry!

Josh’s Voki

Chloe’s Voki

Rhys’ Voki

Caitlyn H’s Voki

Ella’s Voki

Shaianne’s Voki

Abby’s Poetry

Tilly’s Poetry

Aimee’s Voki

Becky’s Voki

Brandon’s Voki

Caitlyn V’s Voki

Chelsea’s Voki

Jayden W’s Voki

Jayden A’s Voki

Kath’s Voki

Tatlin’s Voki

Michael’s Voki

William’s Voki

Zoe’s Voki

Jemma’s Voki


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29 Comments on “Our VOKI Poetry!
  1. Dear Mrs McKay and everyone with a Voki,
    All of you Voki’s look fantastic! And they all sound great, all of your poems sound great! Good job guys!
    From Zoe
    P.S. Mrs McKay did you put up all the Voki’s that we put in you folder up onto the blog yet or is my computer just glitching?

  2. Hi Zoe,
    Everybody did a fantastic job with their poetry!
    I haven’t had a chance to put all of the poem’s onto our Blog yet. Maybe you could help me next week?
    Have a great weekend Zoe!
    I hope you shoot lots of goals in netball!
    From Mrs McKay 🙂

  3. Hi Mrs McKay,
    I only shot 5 goals in netball and I usually shoot about thirteen! But at least we are in the finals and hopefully we beat the top team (Brown Hill Birds) in the finals. I had a good weekend. What about you Mrs McKay? I am happy to help put up all of the Voki’s onto the blog!!
    From Zoe!

  4. Dear Mrs McKay,
    I wish I was there to put mine on. I thought that you could only do a sentence in the Voki’s. I didn’t realise that you could type that much!:)

  5. Dear Mrs McKay,
    I just saw that you can zoom in on the look who has visited our blog, and a lot of people have visited it since the 31st of July.
    From Jemma

  6. Hi Zoe,
    You still shot quite a few goals – you are amazing! Good luck in the finals! I had a lovely weekend thankyou. I had fun with Demi and Mia which was cute! Thanks for your help with putting the Voki’s onto the Blog!
    From Mrs McKay

  7. Hi Jemma,
    Of course you can still put yours on! You can do it tomorrow when we have ICT during the last hour! I’d love to hear your poem! It’s great that you can type lots of text in…
    From Mrs McKay

  8. Hi again Jemma,
    Wow – you can too! How interesting!
    It is great to see that so many people are visiting our Blog!
    – Mrs McKay

  9. Hi everyone,
    I think they all look great and I hope we get to do them again. I would like to make one look like a unicorn :). From Becky

  10. Hey guys,
    Because, you asked, I would be glad to help you put the Voki’s on your portfolios! Who wants their Voki on their portfolio? Please reply, and I’ll help you who want it on Monday. Sadly, I can’t see the Voki’s on my iPad. See you soon!
    ~Noah (and the Muppets)

  11. Oh you’re too good Noah!
    Can’t wait to see how you managed to do it!
    See you in the morning.
    Mrs McKay

  12. Hey everyone!
    You should check out puppetsaga.weebly.com to see what Daniel, Thomas and I are up to! It’s a new saga!
    From Noah

  13. Hello there Noah,
    Wow, I can’t believe you boys have your own Weebly – that’s awesome!
    I had a look before and it’s amazing! Love the video – you are so clever! Can’t wait to see some more!
    Mrs McKay

  14. Hello Aimee,
    You’re doing a great job of your marbling / poetry even though you were away in QLD when we were working on them! Great effort!
    From Mrs McKay

  15. Hi Noah,
    I have no idea how you managed to do that? Did you have a hole in the bottom of the seat? I don’t think I saw a blooper!
    From Mrs McKay

  16. Well good job Mrs McKay (no prize)
    There was a hole in the chair and there I am lying under it getting my back dirty on the grass. It wasn’t easy! The blooper is on the website, go on the ‘Goofs’ page. My hand pops up if you look closely, controlling the arm.
    Stay Stooky guys (currently working on a video, with no arm rods, it’s another Space Oddity one, showing how some OTHER people were singing with me)

  17. I loved this assignment and the use of voki! AlthoughI must admit that I have never seen a snail in my letterbox eating my mail:) I am a teacher who is trying to learn how to blog with my students and I have just received some pretty amazing inspiration from your blog!


  18. Hi,
    I’m so glad to heat that you now have some inspiration from our Blog! Voki’s are a lot of fun!
    Which school are you from?
    Mrs McKay

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