Footy Colours Day – Friday 19th September 2014

5300384-3x2-700x467On Friday 19th September we are having Footy Colours Day at School!

You are allowed to dress in your favourite team colours!

The PFA will be providing Sausages in bread, Zooper Doopers, Bottled Water and Juice all for $1 each – orders are due on Wednesday 17th September!

What team colours will you be wearing next Friday?



on “Footy Colours Day – Friday 19th September 2014
12 Comments on “Footy Colours Day – Friday 19th September 2014
  1. Oh….
    I don’t get a footy colours day! We do have a free dress day though next Wednesday. Btw…..
    In 45 mins I’m going to Loreto to do puzzle mania. It is just about solving mental puzzles. Everyone is pretty excited (Year 7’s).
    See ya!

  2. I can’t wait until the last day of term 3! I’m gonna wear my dad’s Geelong Cats jersey and my Geelong Cats scarf and beanie! 🙂 haha

  3. Wow! Fact Or Fiction was AMAZING! I loved getting to watch my two favourite movies ever…Star Wars and Back To The Future! I hope it inspires some of you guys to enjoy science fiction!
    ~ Noah
    P.S I have a free day on Monday and Tuesday so I may visit one day.

  4. I heard that YOU guys were booing him when he was invisible! Lol! Except none of us….mature…people did (the afternoon adult/non school show). I thought it was pretty clever…I didn’t worry about the “technicalities”. And HOW many of YOUR got the ‘Luke, I am your father.’ Question wrong? I guessed (I mean knew, because I’ve seen it) ‘No, I am your father.’ Cmon guys, it was easy! (Sorry to um…non…star wars fans….

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