Playing 10 Minutes to Win It!

In Maths on Tuesday, we played a really fun game called 10 Minutes to Win It!

We chose a partner to work with and had 10 minutes to work out as many addition number sentences as we could by rolling 2 dice! We then had to check the answers with a calculator and add them up!

We worked out 637 number sentences in 10 minutes which is an amazing effort!

We made ourselves a challenge for the end of term – we are going to attempt to work out 700 number sentences! If we do that, we will get a whole class reward of our choice!

Wish us luck!


on “Playing 10 Minutes to Win It!
11 Comments on “Playing 10 Minutes to Win It!
  1. Hey Mrs McKay, my dad went flyboarding yesterday. Can I tell about it at lunchtime live
    tomorrow? well see you tomorrow:)

  2. Hi everyone,
    it looked like you guys are almost as good as I was at 10 minutes to win it.
    Keep up the good work.
    From Napoleon

  3. Hi Napoleon,
    It’s so great to hear from you! I hope you are still enjoying Secondary School!
    You were fantastic at 10 Minutes to Win it and certainly loved the challenges!
    Thanks for writing on the Blog.
    From Mrs McKay

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