Junior School Council / Leadership Speeches

Today we began our Grade 4/5 Leadership Speeches for Junior School Council Members for 2015. Everybody did such a fabulous job – CONGRATULATIONS! It was great to see some parents watching as well!

The Grade 6 students will present their Leadership Speeches tomorrow and then we have some more from Grade 4/5 on Thursday morning.

It’s a very exciting time for us all…

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on “Junior School Council / Leadership Speeches
8 Comments on “Junior School Council / Leadership Speeches
  1. Hi Dolores,
    The speeches were so great and everyone spoke so well!
    I wonder who will get JSC form Team 4/5!
    From Mrs McKay

  2. Hi,
    I loved doing the speeches and watching every body elses speeches to I was fun and i was excited to see who was going to be a JSC member!

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