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Welcome to our 2015 Class Blog!

This year, we have a SPORTS theme in our classroom and refer to ourselves as Team 4/5!

We hope that you enjoy visiting our Blog and finding out what activities we get up to at school!

Please leave us a comment and we will try really hard to reply!

From Team 4/5!


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  1. Hello fellas, we are doing a great job so far but I think we can do better and get more
    stuff than 4/5 at the end of the year! From EthanJR

  2. Hi Ethan,
    Thankyou very much! You guys are doing so well with all of your work! Go Team 5/6!
    From Mrs McKay

  3. Thankyou for coming on our blog Amber. Does your school have one? Or if you don’t maybe you could ask your teacher if you can make one.
    From Ethan

  4. Happy Easter to you too Shaianne!

    I’ve loved the school holidays! What have you been up to?

    I hope Easter Bunny comes to you!

    Have you got your plaster off yet?

    From Mrs McKay

  5. Hello grade 5/6 and Jayden

    How’s your first day back. Good? Bad? One of those. Hope we are doing lots of cool things this term. Can one of you ask Mrs McKay if we are doing algebra in maths and do we have home work on the first week back? Thanks

    From William >:)

    P.S >:) means naughty face hee hee hee

    PP.S tell Jackson there is new lego minecraft sets coming out

    PPP.S tell Tatlin the next Hobbit movie is called ‘Battle Of The Five Armies’. (I think)

  6. Hi Will,
    We had a really busy first day back! It was great! We have a very busy term planned! We started to work on BODMAS today and will learn more about Algebra next week.
    We will get our first homework handed out on Friday at this stage Will.
    How were your holidays?
    Hoping to see you tomorrow,
    From Mrs McKay

  7. Hi Caitlyn,
    I hope you have a fantastic and safe trip with your family! You are so lucky! Enjoy it all!
    From Mrs McKay

  8. I was so happy with myself on friday the 12/9/14 I came third in my 1500m running and good job to Zoe, Josh, and Rhys! I am so happy and excited about it!

  9. Hi Shaianne,
    I’m really enjoying my school holidays and I hope you are too!
    See on you Monday,
    Mrs McKay 🙂

  10. Hi Micah & April,
    How are you both?
    I had a great weekend thankyou!
    I had my niece’s 1st Birthday and Baptism today.
    What did you guys get up to?
    See you in the morning,
    From Mrs McKay

  11. Hey Mrs McKay and grade 4/5,

    Mrs McKay I know this is a bit old but to answer you question about whether or not I got my cast off I did as you probably already know. If you don’t get what I mean look up to your old comments because they’re on this blog so have a great year and your baby girl or boy will be beautiful I’m sure. So hope you have a great year 4/5 and Mrs McKay.

    Thanks From Shaianne Your Favourite Student!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey Mrs McKay,
    I have finished my flag and it’s ready to go, all finished in my bag, ready to give to you tomorrow before Julie sees mine and also everyone else’s.

    From again the Favourite student Shaianne!

  13. Hi.
    It’s Kath how is everyone hope you are all well and say hi to the the grade 6 for me and good luck for the rest of the year. I hope you are learning well my new school is good but miss my friends a lot at the moment my concert is on this thursday the 17th looking forward to it lots of work got homework every night of the week very busy say hi to all the the kids for me and good luck to all talk soon and good luck.
    From Kath
    Keep going 2015 good year!! P.S Fake email

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